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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Thing most people dont understand our Google Adsense

I have seen some posts especially on Adsense approval.
Though I have been on a close ties with Adsense but I have to reveal these
secretes to most of you seeking for Adsense approval. Mind you
that last year approval methods are totally different from now. If
you're following their online stream program you will understand
what I'm saying.
Adsense approval method involved two phases.
Bot phase
Human phase
Bot phase is the first stage: crawling your contents
Human phase is the last stage: reviewing your contents
Tip: Don't say Mr A has copy and paste posts yet he gets
approved why? There is maximum % for copy and paste. And
copy and paste with proper reference dimly may not.
Note: imagine you are not a programmer or software developer
or years of experience but you are writing on programing
language... How?
Adsense is very simple but many fail to read the policy and
webmaster guidelines

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